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a1093: Women's Self Defense
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Ella Fontaine

We will learn a few simple and very effective techniques to overcome attacks and deal with unpleasant situations (while acknowledging that it is never the women's fault!) We will be doing lots of partner work, which is always fun with a friend, or come alone and meet someone new! No prior martial arts or fitness training is required, just a good attitude 🙂

Section 1 (grades 5-8)
Section 2 (grades 9-12)

None :)


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A1102: Improv with Clark Shenanigans Full!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Wolf MackRosen

An improv workup with one of Clark's fantastic Comedy performance groups. Come play some games with us and learn some basic skills.

A1094: Friendship Bracelet Crafting
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Emma Nicodemus

Learn to make bracelets, anklets, and keychains in many different styles with only thread, scissors, and tape! These bracelets make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season and for yourself.

A1100: Dance it Out: Salsa Lesson
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Ilaria Fiorenza

Come get your groove on and learn some salsa steps! We will go over the basics and test out your skills with some music.

A1101: Dance it Out: Bachata Lesson
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Ilaria Fiorenza

Come get your groove on and learn some bachata steps! We will go over the basics and test out your skills with some music.

A1105: Terrarium Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Forest Ryvicker

Join Forest Ryvicker in a peaceful lesson on how to bring the beauty of nature into the safety of the indoors, with the help of terrariums. There will be quiet music, and a calm and peaceful atmosphere provided. The goal is to capture the serenity of nature in a practically maintenance free container, and learn about the natural biological and decompositional processes that happen in the forest.

Cultural & Diversity

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d1098: Geographies of Israel & Palestine
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Jack Keane

We will learn about the history and current implications of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Students will engage with texts and videos that help to understand the situation and take part in group discussion.


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Difficulty: *
Teachers: Ella Fontaine

Learn about architecture, structural design, and playful science through the egg drop project. This is a STEM project that challenges kids to design a contraption using various materials to protect an egg from a high fall.

Section 1: Middle School
Section 2: High School


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H1091: Percy Jackson and the Complexities of Characters
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Zoe Armstrong

Discussing the many ways that Percy Jackson characters are representation to the disability/neurodiverse community, and the ways that the current creation of the TV show adaptation is changing the characters.


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L1089: Lunch Period
Difficulty: None

Enjoy a break for lunch with your friends! Please register for at least one lunch period on each day of the program.

Arts & Music

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m1099: Music Production
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Daniel Kelly

We will work together in a digital audio workstation to create a song (or a few songs). This will demonstrate how easy music production can be!

Section 1: Grades 8-10
Section 2: Grades 11-12

Interest in music


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s1092: How Do We Solve Problems Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Brian Nguyen

In this class, we will discuss the process in solving problems, ideas that you will come up with, as well as a method that will be shown to you. We will also discuss habits related to good and bad problem-solving. In the end, the hope is that you walk out of this class with some new strategies on tackling problems in school, and in your day to day life.


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S1090: Urban Ecology
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Jesse Lowe

We will explore the plants, animals, and soils of Worcester! Learn how to make observations about your city, keep a nature journal, and protect the environment right in your neighborhood.

S1095: First Aid Basics
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Megan Hill

Join Clark University Rapid Response as we go over some basic life saving skills! We will go over CPR as well as other essential lifesaving techniques.

S1104: Neuroscience: Making Brains Work!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Krishna Gajjar

This course is a basic introduction to neuroscience. The human brain is a complex organ, and scientists have not yet unraveled all of it's mysteries. Join this class to learn some amazing brain biology!

S1106: Planting with Herban Gardeners
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Libby Fontana

Learn about growing your own food and about out community garden here at Clark. We will be planting using recycled containers that can be decorated and taken home.


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X1103: Campus Tour
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Renet Chan

Campus Tour around Clark University with the Admission Office (Sharmese Gunn students only!)

X1096: Make Edible Cookie Dough! Full!

Join us in making edible cookie dough!