Welcome to Clark University  Splash

Our next Splash will be April 2, 2023!

Clark University Hybrid Splash

Clark University’s Educational Studies Program (ESP) is a student volunteer run organization. Our biannual event, Splash, offers a full day of classes taught by Clark students to local students in grades 5-12. We believe that by giving students the opportunity and freedom to take classes outside of the traditional K-12 curriculum, they will become more curious, motivated, and engaged learners as they kindle new and old passions. Splash classes include introductions to advanced academic topics, hands on experiments, discussions of current issues, and visual and performing arts lessons. To find out more, click the appropriate link below:


Find out more about attending Splash. All students in grades 5-12 are invited to our free program!


Find out more about teaching at Splash. Clark students are invited to teach about topics of their choice.


Find out more about volunteering at Splash. Clark students and Splash parents help our programs run smoothly.

Please email <clarkuesp@gmail.com> with any questions.