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Welcome to Clark University SPLASH!

Our next Splash event will be April 07, 2024!

Teacher FAQ

What can I teach?
Any subject that interests you! It does not have to be strictly academic. We have had classes in advanced physics and math, and also in juggling and Quidditch. All classes will have to reviewed by the program directors before becoming available to students.

What are the requirements for teaching?
Teachers are required to attend brief training sessions to go over their classes with the e-board, and (obviously) also need to fill out a teacher account and class info on this website.

How long will I need to be at Splash if I teach?
On the day-of, teachers are only expected to stay as long as their classes last, which you decide when you design your class.

I want to be involved in the Splash Program, but I don't want to teach.
Splash will need volunteers on the day-of to help keep the program running smoothly. The e-board will head the volunteer team. There is a volunteer sign-up sheet available on the website. We'd love to have your help!

How long are classes?
Classes are either one or two hours long- it's up to you.

How many students are in a class?
Classes can have as many or as few students allowed as you want; we've had classes with capacities as small as six people and as many as 80. However, keep in mind that classes may fill up and that attendance is less than 100%, so try to allow more people to register than you actually want so no one gets locked out.

How formal/informal should I be?
Splash is a pretty informal event, and we even give out T-shirts for teachers to wear, so no need to worry about proper attire. But otherwise, it's really up to you- we give teachers the freedom to be as formal as informal as they want, and it can generally vary by class (for instance, an 11th and 12th grade only class on genocide should likely have a more serious tone than a middle-school level class on music videos.)

What audience should I target for my class?
While you are allowed to choose a subset of the 5-12th graders who attend the program and set a difficulty level and (unenforced) prerequisites, you should generally assume that the students who sign up aren't particularly knowledgeable but are eager to learn.

Student FAQ

How much does Splash Cost?

Splash is free of charge.

When and where is Splash?
 Splash happens at the Clark campus (950 Main Street in Worcester MA). Here is a map of campus:

When should I register?

Registration will begin March 15 and be open until April 1st this semester.

I chose the wrong grade level/would like to take classes at a higher grade level, but the website won't let me change it. What can I do?

Email and ask to be moved up a grade level. Students cannot change their own grade levels once initially selected, so changing them requires an administrator.

I am a parent and am attempting to register classes for my child, but the website isn't letting me

In order to register, each student must create their own account. Make sure to select "Student" as the "Initial Role" when registering. We ask that students register themselves and select the courses that most interest them.