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Our next Splash will be April 2, 2023!

Splash is on April 2, 2023!

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Clark University’s Educational Studies Program (ESP) is a student volunteer-run organization. Our biannual event, Splash, offers a full day of classes taught by Clark students to local students in grades 5-12. We believe that by giving students the opportunity and freedom to take classes outside the traditional K-12 curriculum, they will become more curious, motivated, and engaged learners as they kindle new and old passions. Splash classes include introductions to advanced academic topics, hands-on experiments, discussions of current issues, and visual and performing arts lessons.

Teach your passion at Splash!

You are in control of your class: choose the topic, grade level, capacity, and length (1 or 2 hours). Teach by yourself or with a friend or group. We'll even provide supplies. No prior teaching experience is required.

Not sure what to teach?

[Click here]! For more information on the registration process and planning a class, [Click here]. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at clarkuesp@gmail.com.

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