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Major: Community Youth and Educational

College/Employer: Clark

Year of Graduation: 2025

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X1083: Women's Self Defense and Sisterhood in Splash Spr 2022 (Mar. 20, 2022)
In this course, Ella Fontaine (a Sensei with two black belts) will teach some badass self-defense for womeen and girls, while learning the importance of sisterhood and looking out for one another. This will be lowkey, with music and hopefully laughing, so bring your friends and have a good time. We will learn a few simple and very effective techniques to overcome attacks and deal with unpleasant situations (while acknowledging that it is never the women's fault!) We will be doing lots of partner work, which is walways fun with a friend, or come alone and meet someone new! No prior martial arts or fitness training is required, just a good attitude :) IMPORTANT NOTE: Section 1 (grade 5-8) Section 2 (grade 9-12) HYBRID - Students are able to join via Zoom if they cannot come to SPLASH in person