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a1119: Martial Arts
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Conor Sheehy

Come and learn various martial arts techniques with the Association of Martial Artists at Clark at a fun and hands on seminar!
Sections 1 and 3 are only for 5 - 8 grades. Sections 2 and 4 are only for 9 - 12 grades.


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A1107: Jar Terrarium Workshop Full!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Forest Ryvicker

Join Forest Ryvicker for the unique opportunity of a self sustaining mason jar terrarium tutorial with tropical plants, and calming music. All supplies will be provided, just bring yourself and an open mind. Have you ever wanted to bring the beauties of the outdoors inside, Here is your chance!

A1114: Book to Screen Adaptations
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Zoe Armstrong

We will be discussing what makes successful book to screen (movie or tv shows) through: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Percy Jackson and more!

Please be aware of at least one of these books/movies

A1115: Improv Comedy Hour!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Cecilia Bachana

Play improv games, move around a bunch, and learn some basics of improv comedy to create fun scenes together!
Sections 2 and 4 are only for grades 5 - 8. Sections 1 and 3 are only for grades 9 - 12.

A1121: Leadership and Doodling
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Clarissa Ko

As kids we are often told not to doodle and pay attention. But studies have shown that you retain more information when doodling. So this course we will teach what it means to doodle, actively doodle, as we learn about what it means to be a leader that stays true to who you are.


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H1108: Sign Language
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Ellie Hanson

Learn some of the basics of American Sign Language! We'll have a fun, interactive class and get to learn a great language!

H1110: A Mardi Gras Princess and Frogs: Animals in Louisiana Culture
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Katie Jones

What role do animals play in Louisiana culture? Using the Disney movie, Princess and the Frog (2009), we will discuss Louisiana culture and the role native animals play in it.

H1123: Arts and Identity Workshop
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Libby Fontana

Workshop with Youth Outreach Worcester that will use art and interactive activities to explore topics identity, healthy relationships with yourself and others, and mental health.

Section 1 is only for grades 9 - 12. Section 2 is only for grades 5 - 8.

Arts & Music

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m1116: Sewing 101 Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Jesse Lowe

Come join the sewing circle! Students can choose whether they want to learn how to repair holes, sew buttons and snaps, add pockets, or create patterns and images with embroidery. All experience levels are welcome. Materials will be provided, but students are also welcome to bring their own!


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s1122: All Kinds of Social Media
Difficulty: *

Come meet the marketing and outreach team of a club at Clark, All Kinds of Growth, and learn how to be safe on the internet, as well as tips and tricks on how to best use social media

Old enough to use social media (13 and up)


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S1111: The Science of Sleep and Dreams
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Krishna Gajjar

Why do humans and other organisms sleep? What is the importance of sleep? This course addresses these mysterious questions and dives deep into the neuroscience and psychology of sleep. No background in biology (or any other science) required!


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X1112: Basic Japanese
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Jade Faulkner

A rudimentary overview of some basic Japanese, as well as some simple cultural aspects. Please come with questions, and I will do my best to answer them. I plan to start with teaching greetings and some formality modifiers, some basic item terminoligy, as well as an overview of some notable places and things in Japan, but if the students wish to focus on something else I am open to teaching it as long as it is within my capabilities.

No knowledge needed, just a willingness to learn and ask questions.

X1113: Make Play-Doh!

Join us in creating and learning how to make homemade Play-Doh!


Section 1: 5-12 graders
Section 2: ONLY 5-8 graders

X1117: An Ethical Dilemma - Teamwork Building
Difficulty: **

In this class, we will explore the process of working within a team through an ethical dilemma. This class will consist of introductions, the dilemma, and a reflection piece after. Feel welcome to join us!

X1118: Fashion History 1750-1910
Difficulty: *

Have you ever wondered where the costume designs in historical movies come from? What it was like to get dressed in colonial America? How fashion trends were influenced by revolutions in the past?

This class delves into the fashions of the past, with examples from your favorite movies, garments you can hold, and creative activities.

Section 1 is only for 5 - 8 grades. Sections 2 and 3 are only for 9 - 12 grades.

X1120: Campus Tours
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Everett Beals

A quick, just-under-an-hour tour of Clark's campus, given by a Campus Ambassador from Undergraduate Admissions. On the tour, students will see our campus, hear about our programs and college life. They'll get to know what the Clark experience is like by visiting our dining options, academic buildings, and athletics facilities.