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Major: Psychology

College/Employer: Clark

Year of Graduation: 2019

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Getting Psyched Out By Popular Myths in Splash Fall 2018
Have you ever wondered if there's any truth to "people only use 10% of their brain" or "hypnosis only works on some people"? Join Clark University's Undergraduate Psychology Committee as we tackle popular psychological myths like these and more that have prevailed for years. This session will leave you questioning and reimagining how many myths in society have come to be!

Destigmatize Mental Health in Films in Splash Fall 2018
Media has made significant efforts to continue the stigmatization of individuals with mental health challenges as less than important and undervalued in society. While some films make valiant strides in changing popular narratives, there is still few accurate portrayals. Join Clark University's Undergraduate Psychology Committee as we address the ways mental health has been portrayed in popular Hollywood films and attempt to destigmatize the illness.

Exploring Psychology in Splash Fall 2017
Join UPC (Undergraduate Psychology Committee) while we talk about various fields/focuses in psychology, ranging from developmental to masculinity to clinical psychology. We will have members of our psychology club describe their interests or experiences within the major.