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A1065: Learn to Cross Stitch!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Hannah Friend

Cross stitchers can make almost anything out of little tiny stitches! In this class, you’ll learn the basics of cross stitching, including how to make art with a needle and thread!

A1066: Bracelet Making!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Erin C

Come learn how to make some simple and fun jewelry. Good for kids of all ages!

A1067: Sew Your Own Pumpkin!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Annelisse Lynch

Come join us in some fun fall craft-making and learn a bit about sewing along the way!


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H1061: Love for Horror
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Renet Chan

Horror films go back as far as the onset of movies themselves, over 100 years ago. From our earliest days, we use our lucid imaginations to see ghosts in shadowy shapes, be emotionally connected to the unknown, and fear many things. Come and join this class to learn more about what horror is and why people enjoy it. We'll be watching short movie clips, youtube videos, and playing a spooky game.

H1064: Making A Character- Creative Writing
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Penny Amara

Using writing prompts and creative writing activities, students can create a fun character chart for a possible story, play, or screenplay. We will also have an art element to design characters and visual aspects!


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L1063: Lunch Period
Difficulty: *

Enjoy a break for lunch with your friends!


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X1062: Stretch Don't Stress!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Brenna Donahue

Do you ever find yourself stressed or anxious? In this class, you will learn some basic yoga and stretching techniques aimed to reduce stress and help you find your calm. We will start with a progressive muscle relaxation meditation, and then move on to some gentle stretches and basic yoga poses. No prior experience is needed, and modifications will be provided.


X1060: Dungeons and Dragons: For all
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Nicholas Mount

This is a class for all levels of Dnd (Dungeons and Dragons) players. Whether you are new or experienced, this is the class for you. Come and learn the basics and the advanced of dnd.