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ANNELISSE LYNCH, Clark junior studying French and Screen Studies

Major: French and Screen Studies

College/Employer: Clark

Year of Graduation: 2023

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H1088: Why Do We Keep Making Cinderella Movies? in Splash Spr 2022 (Mar. 20, 2022)
Since the creation of the classic Cinderella tale, we've seen countless retellings of her story in movies over the years. From the animated Disney movie (1950) to Brandy Norwood in Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" (1997) to Selena Gomez in "Another Cinderella Story" (2008) and other variations, Cinderella lives on in Hollywood. But why we keep telling her story? Is she a damsel in distress or is she evolving into a modern woman too? Can we learn anything from this fairy tale and its many adaptations? Join us for a discussion about the Disney princess herself and learn some film terms along the way too! HYBRID - Students are able to join via Zoom if they cannot come to SPLASH in person