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ESP Biography

ALIDA CANTOR, Clark geography PhD student

Major: Geography

College/Employer: Clark

Year of Graduation: G

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Hi! I'm a 4th-year PhD candidate in the Clark Geography department. I study human-environment geography. My doctoral research is on water politics in California, but my interests more broadly include water, food systems, climate change, and sustainability. I love teaching about sustainability-related topics and helping students learn more about how they can be involved in creating positive change.

Past Classes

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S393: Vermicomposting: How to Compost with Worms in Splash Fall 2014 (Nov. 16, 2014)
Vermicomposting is the use of worms to turn organic matter, such as food scraps, into amazing fertilizer. And it is something you can do at home, with very little space and materials! In this class we will cover the basics of vermicomposting. We'll talk about why compost is great, and why worms are so amazing. We'll also cover the basics of worm biology and ecology. Then, we will make a worm bin together as a group, and will talk about how to care for worms at home. You will go home with all the skills you need to start and care for your own worm bin. If you've ever wanted thousands of pets who don't make noise and are easy to take care of, this class is for you!