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ESP Biography

HONEY SNYDER, Clark Sophomore who loves to look in mirrors.

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Picture of Honey Snyder

Brief Biographical Sketch:

"Boy? Girl? Heavens no, darling. I've been identified as a threat!"

Hi there, Honey Snyder here to tell you the benefits of Honey Snyder. She's gorgeous according to fans, she spends an almost unhealthy amount of time thinking about women with swords, and to top it all off, she can pull off a stunning two and a half foot vertical leap!

Her mom is all: "Honey, you would be such a great teacher." And I'm inclined to agree! That's why I'm giving the spr Splash a try!

To learn more, please imagine a confident young woman in a suit. You're imagining Honey's ideal self, sans a glittery pomegranate pink tux and a successful game show career.

Past Classes

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H1073: Godhood for Beginners in Splash Spr 2022 (Mar. 20, 2022)
Do you suffer through the agonies of human daily life? Would you like to escape from that constant drudgery? Would you like to force your friends to obey the laws of a foreign world full of swords and sorcery? Or robots? Or... whatever else kids are into these days? Well do I have the class for YOU! Five-time universe creator and moderately attractive internet deity Honey Snyder here to recommend a course about world building! In this one hour seminar... thing, students will learn a few tips and tricks for imagining and bringing to life their own fantastical worlds. Good for creative writing, aspiring D&D dungeon masters, and anyone who wants to dip their toes into the world of making stuff up for fun! HYBRID - Students are able to join via Zoom if they cannot come to SPLASH in person